JEE-O slimline ceiling

Ceiling mounted shower, length 35, 25 and 15cm, completed with JEE-O slimline shower head.

Available in brushed or polished finish.

Item codes:
400-1120 (slimline-ceiling15-brushed)
400-1110 (slimline-ceiling25-brushed)
400-1100 (slimline-ceiling35-brushed)
400-1125 (slimline-ceiling15-polished)
400-1115 (slimline-ceiling25-polished)
400-1105 (slimline-ceiling35-polished)

To be completed with:
400-1000 (slimline-s-head-brushed)
400-1005 (slimline-s-head-polished)


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