Bjorn van den Berg

We are proud to present the JEE-O izi go Limited Edition by Bjorn van den Berg, the product of a unique collaboration with the passionate and influential Dutch fashion designer. Two disciplines and two styles form the chief ingredients for this original, elegant limited edition. The magnificent shower has a matt black finish, and is embellished with dark grey Swarovski faceted elements for a distinctive, sparkling effect. Taking a shower has never felt so luxurious. Experience a sense of wellness, high fashion, and design, all in one unique product.
The JEE-O izi go Limited Edition marks the first stage of a highly productive working relationship between JEE-O and Bjorn van den Berg. Our shared passion, drive, creativity, and enthusiasm promise a great deal for the future.

For the brochure of this special JEE-O izi go edition click here.

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